Advert Thoughts

This time, I would like to share some of my raw/basic ideas and thoughts for making an advert for establishing a particular brand/product/service. I am sure and hope one of these thoughts would fuel & turn an advert to reach globally. All you need is to refine/enhance and plan a good screenplay! Good Luck!

Thought 1 – TYRE AD
– Open Shot:
Showing A millipede WITH lot of LEGS.
– Second Shot:
Showing a centipede bug with less LEGS.
– Third Shot:
Comparing the tyre grip with these or by just showing a bug with log of legs itself is enough to compare it with tyre grip.

Thought 2 – TYRE AD
A millipede IS MOVING AHEAD ON A CURVED TWIG. – Best example for TYRE GRIP

Open shot – One pair of lovers sitting in a park and chatting. The girl casually taking one chocolate from the bunch she keeps in her wallet and bites.
Second shot – The boy asking her to give one for him. The girl denies. Boy asking her again. But she denies again.
The boy is getting angry and yelling at the girl, “Did I ask u for a kiss, after all a chocolate right?”
Immediately the girl kissed the boy and replies, “I can offer kisses not chocolates”

Slogan 1: :O Air FAIR(E)!
Slogan 2: Fare enough to travel the distance Far

Thought 5 – United Airways (Just for an example)
Slogan: Fly as Butterfly, feel as ‘Better’fly!